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Union Vitamins… Begins with "U"

Our original intent was to do contract manufacturing utilizing more effective ingredients in our formulations. Additionally, we were bent on producing them without fillers, binders, flow agents, or additives of any kind. In exploring our options we concluded that high volume, automated production clearly jeopardized the integrity of our original intention.“How so?” you might ask…well, the short answer is quite logical. To enable high volume automated machines to distribute the ingredients into capsules, various fillers, binders, and flow agents are added to the formulations with the primary purpose of continuing their flow near the end of their massive funnels at the distribution point of their automated cycle. The faster they run, the more flow agents required. Our priority has been, and always will be, purity and effectiveness, therefore we created a process of small batch hand-crafting within our FDA Registered Facility, utilizing Premium ingredients, thus eliminating the need for additives of any kind. "Quality for U" is our Bottom Line.


Once we realized the benefits of hand-crafting, we knew we would also need the help of an exceptional team to bring our dream to fruition, so we focused our sights in the direction of Union Workers. Work ethic’s would be a key factor in making our hand-crafted process successful, so, believe it or not, we actually approached the Union leaders to propose the idea of becoming a Union Facility. Obviously, they were a bit taken back by the mere suggestion, after all, not too many companies are knocking on Union doors asking to come in, right? It made perfect sense to us and it began to make perfect sense to the Union as well. So in the Fall of 2016 we actually became the “first” and “only” Union ratified producer of Dietary Supplements in North America.

One key aspect of our quality not to be overlooked was the ability to deliver the finished products in a timely manner to retain their freshness and potency. We think of this as our “farm to table” approach for dietary supplementation. Our online store allows convenient access to the freshest supplements available, delivered to your door within 2-3 days rather than going through the normal cycle of being manufactured, placed in boxes, stocked on shelves, channeled through distributors or distribution centers, transported to, and eventually stocked at retail facilities waiting for final sales to take place. We created an alternative method to reinforce our priority… our supplements are produced, bottled, and shipped to you, most generally within the very same day… and why? Because the freshness of dietary supplements provides one more advantage your system can benefit from.

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