The Power Of Nutrition

This bunch of health nuts believes in the power of nutrition.

Using only the purest, most natural ingredients our supplements are hand-crafted, without the use of additives, binders and flow agents. The results are more pure and potent supplements, providing nutrients that more powerfully and effectively help fill the gaps left by a modern diet and lifestyle.

Warning: If you join us on this journey, you will venture outside of the mainstream, and you will start to see brand new solutions to problems that have thus far seemed unsolvable. This may result in increased levels of optimism and a sense of responsibility to actually change your life and the planet for the better.

It All Begins With Good Soil

It all begins with soil.

Healthy soil has the miraculous ability to sequester carbon. And it’s not just carbon storage, healthy soil leads to: clean water, nutritious food, drought resistance, and restored habitats.

Our thesis is that most humans are living in a degenerative relationship with the rest of nature’s living systems. From soil, to water, to our food systems, we have become used to a way of interacting with the natural world that assumes we will harm it, exploit it, and deplete it in order to meet our needs. This view has lead a majority of farmers around the world to continue the extractive mode, which translates into: “Take whatever you can, however you can from the natural environment, and once it is depleted, let it recover on its own.”

As the Standard American Diet (SAD) shifts further and further away from nutrient-dense foods, nutrient deficiency is becoming a widespread epidemic and you can no longer rely on getting all of your nutrients from food. The idea that you can get all your nutrients from food is fine in theory, but virtually impossible in practice. Soil and water depletion, food and environmental toxins, poor absorption, pesticides, exercise, and lack of calories can all cause nutrient deficiencies. There is evidence that consuming nutrients from food is more beneficial than supplements, which is why you should focus on a nutrient rich diet first [24]. However, it’s rarely enough anymore.
What are the symptoms of nutrient deficiency?

Some general symptoms include:
pallor, or pale skin.
trouble breathing.
unusual food cravings.
hair loss.
periods of lightheadedness.

Optimize Your health

Upgrade Your Energy, Optimize Your Health

Supplements are a double edged sword. The wrong ones can do more damage than good, but the right ones can massively improve your health, even if you eat a great diet.
You can delude yourself and buy the generic multivitamins, or you can spend a little extra and actually do something to improve your health, with the highest form of nutrition.

In an effort to make it safer for you to take these nutrients in their highest performing form, we have used cutting-edge research to source and develop some of these nutrients in their most proven and pure forms. It takes a lot of effort and resources to develop a truly exceptional supplement.

Supplementation is something everyone should do, but how much depends on your diet and lifestyle factors. In general, you should try to get as much nutrition from food as you can. Athletes need more of some supplements than others. You should consume nutrients in their most natural form, but, when you do supplement, it’s worth it to buy quality supplements. Unless you do, it’ll cost you more on health bills in the long term. In the end, you get what you pay for with supplements. 

Live Healthy, Be Happy!